Cooked: Vegan Raaka S’Mores

S’mores… Who doesn’t love the flavor fusion of decadent chocolate with soft pillowy toasted marshmallow sandwiched between crunchy sweet graham crackers? It’s something I’ve missed for a very long time and I’m going to go so far as to say this vegan S’mores creation far outweighs any other I’ve had, vegan aside. I think the secret was in the chocolate. I recently discovered a line of chocolate that I’m absolutely smitten with! It’s a company called Raaka! They ethically source their cacao beans, never roast them to leave the true flavors intact as to honor the essence of what chocolate is… They are also here in Brooklyn and make their handmade bars in small controlled batches. I recently signed up for their chocolate of the month mailings: BEST. DECISION. EVER.  For this particular vegan S’more, I chose their 75% dark bar that boasts tasting notes of golden plum, rice wine and pistachio. It’s truly something to behold. Another great bar for a S’more would be their vegan Coconut Milk or the Bourbon Cask bar. Yum!   For the marshmallows, I can’t find anything better out there than Dandies! Definitely go with these as they are flawless puffed delights sans gelatin.   IMG_4526   Ingredients:

  • Vegan Graham Crackers (I used Erewhon brand)
  • 1 bar of Raaka chocolate (I used 75% Madagascar)
  • Several vegan marshmallows ( I used Dandies)

Directions: There are actually a couple ways to pull this off, if you have access to a flame and want to roast your marshmallows the old fashioned way, by all means — please do it! I went ahead and just set the marshmallows on the graham crackers with a tray underneath (just in case!) on broil in the oven for about 5 minutes or until the marshmallows began to brown slightly. Next, place a couple squares of Raaka on the warm toasted marshmallows and close with another graham cracker! This is about as close to camping as I get, and boy is it delicious!   To check out more of what Raaka has to offer:


Why am I here?

Today brought with it some deep questions. Perhaps it was the murky post-monsoon weather that infiltrated Brooklyn this morning… Or maybe it was just time for me to “get real” and figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. At any rate, I arrived at this blog-creating destination with great enthusiasm! I think I could perhaps develop a following of sorts and this could be my outlet for sharing a lifestyle that I feel helps everyone while hurting no one. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? We’re each here to do something for others and if I’m being honest with myself, I’ve always had this magnetic affinity toward food. I guess because it tends to fill in those aching voids of hunger while deeply satiating the senses of aroma, taste, texture and even sound! In this country we feed ourselves approximately three times a day and therefore it’s a pretty important ritual, in my opinion. You can do a lot of damage with a fork and knife these days. The UN has even urged people to stop eating meat because it’s simply no longer sustainable and is contributing to vast global destruction. More and more people are jumping on this plant-based bandwagon and yet there still tends to be a lot of misconception about veganism (I used the V-word). I’m here to demystify it and show the benefits while proving its ease. That is my calling and I’m pretty sure of it at this point. Nothing really gets me as excited as working with new ingredients, creating something magnificent and watching the pleased faces at the dinner table devour sustainable nourishment I’ve created with my own two hands. It’s my humble art form that disappears quicker than it’s made and I’m delighted to share it with everyone.

Please watch the following video. These are the reasons I’m 100% plant based, happy about it, and urge you to do the same.

Animals Should Be Off The Menu Debate: