One day I looked at the scale and it read back to me 287 lbs… Back then I didn’t have a loving relationship with food at all. It was destructively immature and primarily a product of corporate media’s subliminal commercials and toxic addictive chemicals.  I just didn’t know any better. I was depressed and sitting uncomfortably at my own “rock bottom”. I had to make a positive shift in my life. I moved to California and started my personal journey into healthier living. In 2006 I came across footage from factory farms and my heart was instantly shattered. I couldn’t even fathom that nobody had ever explained to me in all my 23 years that what I was buying were the remains of abused and neglected animals whose lives had been stolen from them. Flash forward to my life in NYC in 2013 and I’ve saved an average of 700 animals since I stopped eating them, I’m at a completely healthy weight and have never been happier with life.


This journey led me into a discovery of veganism and what it means to be truly compassionate. I developed a love for pure plant based foods and genuine curiosity to explore the terrain that had been so well hidden from me before. I had never eaten an eggplant, jicama, dragon-fruit, mango… or knew the joy of selecting the freshest smelling herbs to compliment a dish. Veganism opened me up to the world of compassionate cuisine and I’m excited to share this knowledge with everyone.


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