A Better Life

I called my mom today and we talked for a bit about what she was up to and the weather… then we got to talking about our other family members a bit and the illness that is going on with my dad’s side of the family. The mentioning of how a certain member has “tried everything” including all different medicines and even electroshock therapy got me into a tailspin… I actually screamed because this is just SO UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING to me that this person is going through so much and losing the battle, so it seems… but still hasn’t tried going vegan?! I’m irate at the fact that this “Matrix” we are living under is so sneaky and sly that they’ve got masses believing that dead animals are the only source of protein and animal secretions (dairy) and hen periods (eggs) are a necessary part of a healthy balanced diet! This couldn’t be further from the truth. I often sound like a conspiracy theorist to my family when I start saying how the medical industry and pharmaceuticals are in bed with the animal agriculture companies, but you know what? What else makes more sense than that? It’s a get-rich-quick scheme in order to make the people need medication, they’ve got to get them sick first… Government is involved of course, because it’s far easier to control and manipulate sick people than it is healthy ones! Healthy people think for themselves and start revolutions. Healthy people give a damn because we know life is worth living. It’s about time we stop putting so much stock in our government to care for us and take some responsibility for ourselves. We don’t need them to ban milk, yogurt, eggs, meat… JUST STOP BUYING IT. The industries can’t survive and therefore will have to shift their focus onto vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Everyone will be happier, it’s a win/win. Speaking of that, Monsanto, being the evil shitstorm that it is — is already trying to hijack the healthy foods so they can turn a higher profit while getting people sick. Very similar to animal agriculture. I read somewhere that in their own staff kitchens, they don’t even eat their own GMO foods. And who could blame them? They’re not dumb, just greedy. Thankfully there have been some bans put in place recently to stop them and countries like Bolivia have banned GMOs altogether. We’re going to win this battle, I can already see it.


My rant may have gotten a little off track there, but it’s what is on my mind at the moment and I just want people to know that they weren’t put here to suffer unnecessarily. We are going to figure this out and we are all going to be healthy vegans one day if for no other reason than we just cannot sustain any other options, but I like to think it’s because we have learned our lessons. There is an entire laundry list of reasons to avoid eating animals and their secretions… Just pick one and run with it. Maybe you really like animals and no longer want to contribute to the cruelty, maybe you want to be healthier, fitter, happier… maybe you care about the water situation; Abstaining from one pound of beef is about the amount of water you’d save if you gave up showering for 6 months! My reason started because I saw typical slaughterhouse operations and it shattered my heart in a million pieces to know I was contributing to that, but as my journey continues — I find that I am doing it for the love of my planet Earth, myself AND the animals.¬†Ultimately, vegan IS love.


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