Mother’s Day in Woodstock, NY

Most will wonder what the connection is between Mother’s Day and an animal sanctuary in Woodstock, NY… Well, to them I would say that animal agriculture is fundamentally built on the exploitation of motherhood. These defenseless animals being repeatedly raped and impregnated, their babies stolen from them every time as they thrash and cry in agony for their babies. Can you even imagine if this were your reality? If you have the capacity to avoid contributing to this horrendous torture (i.e. buying milk, cheese, meat, eggs…) then why in the world wouldn’t you? It’s 2013 now and it’s ridiculously easy to eat delicious plant-based food… There are literally NO excuses anymore. My amazing partner and I were at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary on Mother’s Day honoring all these mothers that go forgotten… If you should ever get the chance to visit, don’t pass it up. This place brings about such a relaxing serenity that no other place can. It’s a rarity in that these animals are being cared for and loved and not a single one is being “raised” as a commodity. Each has a name and receives the utmost care from the amazing staff and volunteers at WFAS. I wish I could spend all my days on this farm hanging out with the animals.

Go vegan and nobody gets hurt. ♥ Happy Mama’s Day!

crate diane dylan goat pigs chickens


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